HealthTech Global Challenge

​“HeathTech Global Challenge” a project led by the B4GH Engagement and Innovation Platform in partnership with MyGlobal Village 
Goals :
1. ​Creation of an international network of “TECXplorers” in the field of HealthTech (Biotech, Medtech and e-health)

2. ​Detection, during Tech events organized by MyGlobal Village or meetings/missions on-site by SEE, of StartUps carrying promising HealthTech solutions with national and international development potential (focus on  French-speaking Africa)

3. ​Mapping/referencing of these solutions after analysis (sourcing)

4. ​Pitch/Linking sessions with investors or integrators

 HealthTechForGood funds

​The HealthTech For Good Endowment Fund project, initiated by SEE/B4GH, aims to support the acceleration of high-potential solutions from African or European StartUps identified by the HealthTech Global Challenge Program.
​The objective is to raise, by the end of 2023, 5 million euros per year that will be allocated 50% to support high-potential solutions and 50% to support the Innovation Programs held by SEE

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